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[Support] How to add script tag to your website header on Wordpress using a plugin

  1. Use WPCode to add, edit, and manage all code snippets. It will create an environment that will automatically take care of all these without manual intervention.
  2. To proceed, you can get the FREE version from WP Plugin directory. Or, you can get a PREMIUM version from the website if you need extra features and dedicated support.
  3. You can install and activate it like any other plugin in WordPress. You can also follow this step by step guide on how to install WPCode to your website.
  4. When WPCode is activated successfully, you’ll see a new menu item labeled “Code Snippets” in your WordPress admin bar.

[Support] How to create inbound customer segments?

Creating a new segment

To create a new segment, click on the "Create new segment" button in the right upper corner of the Segments view. This will create a new segment with an empty segment name and empty segment filters. You should rename your segment in a way that well describes it's intended target audience.


[Support] Visual editor basics



[Support] What is a segment?

Customer segment is a subset of all customers

A customer segment is a core concept in the AbmaticAiapplication. It describes a subset of all customers out there in the world. To create effective personalizations, you need to first create effective customer segments that you then target personalizations (different versions of a website) to.


[Support] How to create outbound/ABM segment?

See the bottom for common troubleshooting advice.


[Support] FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

No FAQs so far, we'll keep updating this


[Support] Custom Query string

What are query strings?

Query strings are part of a URL and they come in key-value pairs called query parameters. They're always attached to the latter part of a URL and you can add as many as you like as long as you separate them with an & character.


[Support] Integrate Hubspot to use CRM data for segmentation and personalization

Follow these instructions to integrate Hubspot with Markettailor.


[Support] Nurture pipeline leads - Hubspot Deals

If you have a complex sales process like most B2B companies do, it makes sense for you to consider personalizing your website content based on where in the sales process the customer is currently.


[Support] Setting up conversion tracking with

Important: It can take up to 1h for us to process the events and for the cache to expire afterwhich you see the events.


[Support] Setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics

To collect data on how successful your personalizations are, you need to integrate your existing Google Analytics account. If you don't have a Google Analytics account yet, come back after you have created it.


[Support] How to set up installation script using Hubspot

1. Navigate to Hubspot settings

From the top right corner of your Hubspot account, you'll find the Settings icon.

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