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[Support] Visual editor basics

December 8, 2023 | Jimit Mehta


  1. Basic editing

  2. Resetting personalizations

  3. Previewing a personalization

  4. Viewing your original page

  5. Using personalization variables - Dynamic data

  6. Using company logo in a personalization


1. Basic editing

You can edit text, image, button, and link elements by clicking them in the visual editor and then changing the content from the right-side menu.


You can see how many changes you have on the page and you need to save your changes manually to proceed with the personalization and preview.


Save changes button

2. Resetting element personalizations

You can reset your personalizations by clicking the element you want to reset and clicking the Reset Element button from the bottom of the right-side menu. You can also reset all your personalizations at once.


⛔ Resetting all elements also saves your changes so you cannot recover the changes.


Resetting personalized elements

If you have deleted an element from the Element menu, to reset that element you need to:

  1. Change editor mode to Show original

  2. Click the element to reset

  3. Click reset element

Reset elements in the Show original editor mode


3. Previewing a personalization

To preview a personalization on your website you need to

  1. Have the script installed on your website

  2. Have your changes saved

Preview personalizations on a website

4. Viewing your original page - Changing editor mode

You can always view your non-personalized page by changing the editor mode to Show original.


You can also use this editor mode if you have deleted an element you now want to reset.


View your original page

5. Using personalization variables - Dynamic data

To use dynamic data on a personalized page,

  1. Select any text-based element

  2. Open the Insert personalization variable menu

  3. Select the data you want to use - We use example values that are generated randomly


To use data from your CRM, you need to have integrated your CRM to Markettailor.


⚠ Note that we need to have identified the company or contact in some way to be able to use the CRM data. Read more from the advanced personalization variables section.


More advanced personalization variable usage


Check out the advanced usage of personalization variables.



6. Using company logos in personalization

Currently the Logo personalization is only supported for customers using Clearbit.


To use the company logo of an identified company, you need to have integrated any Company Lookup tool, and be on a premium version of AbmaticAiwith available Company Lookup quota.


To use a company logo on a page,

  1. Select an image element on a page

  2. Click the Change image menu

  3. Click Use company logo

We use the AbmaticAilogo as an example logo in the personalization, but the logo is dynamically changed when we identify the visitor.


Using company logos on a page

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