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Create lists, run multi-channel campaigns, analyze & improve. Repeat.

Integrate with all the leading CRM's, analytics & marketing platforms.
What can I do with Abmatic AI's ABM Engine?
Comprehensive platform for sophisticated account-based marketing strategies — to generate & grow revenue
Your Data Platform 
Bring in existing target accounts & contacts & create new ones
Find people & companies
Leverage AI to create tailored lists of target accounts & contacts.
Access an extensive database featuring over 62 million company profiles & 3 billion individual records. Our data undergoes rigorous validation for maximum accuracy, ensuring you always connect with the right contacts. Prefer to use your data provider? Easily integrate your data using our APIs.
Find people and companies (3)
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Connect your data
Integrate with your CRM, upload from a CSV, or track form fills.
Integrate seamlessly with your CRM to ensure you consistently access the latest account, contact, lead, opportunity, and campaign data. Your information always stays synchronized. Or, upload your data via CSV, & our AI column mapper will do the rest of the work. Track all form fills as well.
Enrich Your Accounts & Contacts
Always know the complete picture of your target audience
Enrich data to receive comprehensive information about your account & contact data. Seamlessly sync the enriched data to your CRM or export it as a CSV file, ensuring your databases are always complete & up-to-date.
Accounts & Contacts
Your Orchestration Platform 
One place to create & design all the right campaigns
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Inbound Campaigns
Transform your website into a revenue engine.
Tailor your site’s content in real-time for every visitor based on critical attributes like company name, industry, revenue, geography, & employee count. This personalized approach ensures that potential clients see content that is most relevant to their needs, increasing the chances of conversion.
Intuitive Visual Editor
Easily create multiple variants of web pages or whole websites.
Empower your marketing team with our intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor. Customize text, links, calls to action, images, & forms to craft personalized web experiences. No coding/SQL knowledge is needed. Plus, leverage AI to generate content that is appealing & targeted
Visual editor (1)
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Outbound Campaigns
Create dynamic landing pages at scale with no code.
Create impactful outbound landing pages designed to resonate with your target audience. Leverage custom variables to personalize every aspect of your page—from content to visuals—ensuring each campaign is uniquely tailored to meet each account's specific needs & characteristics.
Build LinkedIn audiences
Easily create ad audiences from account and contacts lists.
Achieve an industry-leading 95%+ match rate, ensuring that your content reaches nearly all your prospects without any misses. Our AI-based matching technology guarantees precise audience alignment, enhancing the impact of your LinkedIn campaigns & delivering a better ROI.
Your Execution Platform 
Present Your Best with Precision Personalization
Identify website visitors (1)
Identify website visitors
Industry-leading deanonymize to discover who's visiting your website
Our system is enriched with millions of IP addresses that will reveal company, person, location, & other relevant metadata. By integrating with up to four distinct services, we ensure the highest match rate in the industry, allowing you to focus on high-value visitors & effectively engage critical decision-makers within those companies.
Intent data and engagement scores
Learn your website visitors' true intent and target them accordingly.
After deanonymizing website visitors, capture their intent by tracking which pages they visit, CTAs they click, and forms they fill out. This activity generates an engagement score, offering insights into visitor interests. Additionally, integrate with second-party intent providers to centralize and visualize all intent data.
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Personalized landing page
Personalized Landing Pages
Present your best, personalized self to every prospect & customer.
Use custom variables to create personalized landing pages for cold prospects, active sales cycles, or current customers. You can build thousands of unique pages that deliver a tailored experience for your events, webinars, custom demos, & follow-ups from ad campaigns like LinkedIn, Meta, or Google.
Enhance Your LinkedIn Campaigns
Optimize Your Social Media Spend: Lower CPC & Boost Conversions
Advertising on platforms like LinkedIn can be expensive. Manage your costs by personalizing landing pages for each ad campaign. This approach significantly reduces cost-per-click & boosts conversion rates, enhancing ad effectiveness on LinkedIn & across all social media channels.
LinkedIn Campaigns
Your Analytics Platform 
Visualize your data & convert them into actionable insights
Advance reporting
Advanced Reporting Made Simple
Visualize your data and convert them into actionable insights.
Ask your AI about any metric in natural language, & it instantly generates detailed reports. Alternatively, use the intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create custom reports easily without needing SQL skills. Track pipeline progress & campaign conversions & analyze deep marketing, sales, & revenue insights.
Custom Charts and Dashboards 
Optimize Your Social Media Spend: Lower CPC & Boost Conversions.
Visualize any metric with advanced reporting tools, leveraging over 20 chart types for tailored data presentation. Create custom dashboards that display live data, ideal for daily metrics, team meetings, executive reviews, or even preparing investor pitch decks. Meet all your analytical requirements with AI precision.
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"As a veteran in ABM leadership across several top B2B companies, I know the hurdles of scaling effective marketing strategies. With Abmatic AI, we've developed a tool that directly addresses these challenges by making ABM straightforward and powerful. It's not just about advanced features; it's about delivering real, measurable outcomes easily. Experience the difference with Abmatic AI — where your ABM success is our core mission."

Jimit Mehta
Sr. Director of ABM (former), CEO & Co-Founder, Abmatic AI
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