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[Support] Integrate Hubspot to use CRM data for segmentation and personalization

November 16, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

Follow these instructions to integrate Hubspot with Markettailor.

Navigate to the Integrations

  1. Navigate to integrations tab

Navigate to integrations

2. Find Hubspot from the CRM section of integrations and click Authorize

CRM section of integrations

3. You'll be redirected to the Hubspot integration page. Select the Hubspot account you want to integrate with AbmaticAi

Integrate Hubspot with Markettailor

4. You'll be redirected back to AbmaticAiwhere you should see the Authorize button turn to a red Disable, which indicates your integration is ready.

Authorized Hubspot integration

5. Click Settings to enable and disable CRM data fields you want to use for segmentation both in inbound and outbound campaigns, and personalization (embed personalization variables in the editor).

Change Hubspot integration settings

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