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[Support] How to measure the results of personalization?

To measure the results of personalization, you need to understand how the personalized web content is perfoming against non-personalized content. It's important to understant the effectiveness as a whole as well as segment by segment. The best metric for the results is conversion rate lift, which describes how much personalization lifts conversion rate from the non-personalized content.


[Support] How to set up conversion tracking?

Note: if you're using a 3rd party integration like Google Analytics or Segment, read detailed instructions here:


[Support] How to set up installation script using Webflow

Custom code installation is only available on paid Webflow plans.


[Support] What happens when you reach your plan quotas?

When you start approaching your visitor or company lookup quotas, we start sending you reminders in the app and via email when you start approaching your quota.


[Support] Advanced usage of personalization variables

The advanced use cases of personalization variables include using company and contact level data in your personalizations. Not all the ways require a premium subscription.

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