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[Support] How to set up installation script using Hubspot

November 16, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

1. Navigate to Hubspot settings

From the top right corner of your Hubspot account, you'll find the Settings icon.

Navigate to Hubspot settings

2. Navigate to Pages under Website

In the left-hand side navigation, go to Website -> Pages to open the page settings of your account.

Website pages of Hubspot account

3. Paste the Javascript tag to the site header HTML

Find the Site header HTML box on the Pages page and paste your installation script there. After, you can visit your own web page and check the status of your installation from AbmaticAiScript page.

The script is now included in all your created pages.

If you have multiple domains in Hubspot, make sure to only select the one that you want AbmaticAito be installed on.

Paste the AbmaticAiinstallation script to your site header HTML

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