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[Support] How to measure the results of personalization?

November 16, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

To measure the results of personalization, you need to understand how the personalized web content is perfoming against non-personalized content. It's important to understant the effectiveness as a whole as well as segment by segment. The best metric for the results is conversion rate lift, which describes how much personalization lifts conversion rate from the non-personalized content.

Measuring the total effectiveness of personalization

Once you have set up conversion tracking, we can start measuring the effectiveness of your personalizations. We show the conversion rate lift for your main conversion event for the last 30 days.

For example: if your main conversion event is sign up clicks, you can directly count how many new leads personalization has brought you.

You can freely select your main conversion event in AbmaticAifrom your events in the Manage Conversions tab.

Measuring the total results of personalization

Measuring the total effectiveness is very beneficial for marketing managers who are making decisions about resource allocation towards personalization.

Measuring effectiveness of personalization segment by segment

The total result of personalization consists of the results from each individual segment (ie. also only for your main conversion event) which is why it's important to measure segment by segment performance.

Measuring effectiveness of a single personalization also allows marketers to make better informed decisions on which segments should be iterated on, which ones should be paused, and which ones should be let run successfully.

Measuring results of personalization segment by segment

How to see all my conversions?

You can always see all the individual conversion events in the Conversions tab.

Note that not all the events you have are useful for all the segments all the time.

Eg. If you track conversion events via a thank-you page, but have created a segment that limits personalizations to only people who visit your homepage, this conversion event would not be very useful for tracking conversions of that segment.

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