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AbmaticAiaccepted to Kiuas Accelerator

November 18, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

AbmaticAiwas accepted as part of the 2020 batch of Kiuas accelerator ─ the leading startup accelerator in Finland

AbmaticAiwas selected to be a part of the accelerator among 15 other startups from over 170 applicants. This year the program is organized 100% remotely due to COVID-19.

What really impressed the Kiuas team was Markettailor's fast pace of progress ─ 4 months from the initial conception of the idea to revenue (with a 2-person team). We hope to learn a ton from the vast pool of coaches and peer startups at Kiuas. What a way to spend the summer!

Source: Kiuas Accelerator – Meet the batch of 2020

Top reasons to join an accelerator program

1. Advice from coaches

Especially if you're a first-time founder, receiving advice from coaches that help out companies in the accelerator is invaluable. These coaches may also become lifelong mentors so it's not just your current startup journey you should consider. 

2. Peer mentorship

On top of getting valuable advice from coaches, you also get a ton of feedback and advice from your peers. Other companies in the accelerator are usually struggling with the same questions you are so lean heavily towards peer mentorship. You can always mentor someone else and you'll always receive it back 10 times over.

The environment of an accelerator also creates momentum. You are likely to work much harder when you see a lot of other founders working hard on their startups.

3. Opportunity to pitch investors

All accelerators end in a pitch event where a board of investors listens to the startups pitch. If you're raising funding, great, the timing is great to create some FOMO among investors. If you're not raising funding at the moment, practice makes perfect and you still receive a lot of valuable feedback in the form of questions you need to answer when your company is raising funding later.

4. Find your first customer

You're still early stage, joining an accelerator can help you find your first customer if your product is suitable for small businesses. If they are not a great fit as customers, other startups can still help create hype around your product so that you'll eventually land your first customer.

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