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13 best tools to improve website conversion rates

November 18, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

Improving conversion rates on a website is a critical task for any marketer. Higher conversions lead to more sales eventually when traffic is coming from high quality channels. Here are the best tools to boost website conversion rates.

Multiple different solutions today exist to improve conversion rates on a website. These tools can be used separately but they can also be combined to yield the best results. Here are the different tool categories covered in this post.

Website personalization

Content personalization boosts lead generation when visitors see content that is relevant to them. Modern B2B website personalization includes identifying anonymous companies on a website, segmenting them based on customer data, and showing them a version of the website that is the most relevant. Most tools for website personalization also include a visual editor to make changes to a website.

Read more about website personalization.


Markettailor is a B2B website personalization tool that shows company visitors the most relevant content. Visitors are shown different content based on their industry, company size, location, and many other data points. The visual editor works with any existing website no matter where it's created and hosted.

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Marketers can create personalized content effortlessly and drive conversion rates and engagement up 50-200%. AbmaticAishows you the full breakdown of your customer audiences visiting your website and which pages they visit so you always know what segments to create and which pages you should personalize to maximize your results.



Mutiny is another great tool for website personalization that offers A/B testing and a visual editor. Their customer base is mostly in US where they are also headquartered.



Webeo is a UK-based website personalization tool using IP data from Lead Forensics. As a matter of fact, Webeo is a spin-off from Lead Forensics.

Webeo is industry agnostic in its customer segmentation and they promote their customer success team as their major differentiating factor.


More B2B website personalization tools here.

Chatbots / Conversational marketing


Intercom is a chatbot tool in conversational marketing that aims to convert more leads by having a customer chat with either a bot or a person. Chatbots are great to capture more intent and understand what the customer needs and wants.

Intercom offers chatbot and messaging functionality that can be triggered when a customer completes certain actions on your website and inside your product.


Hubspot chat

Hubspot chat is a competitor to Intercom chat but lacks similar functionality to Intercom when it comes to creating multipath chat experiences. The best part about the Hubspot chat is its integration with the Hubspot CRM so all your data is nicely in one place.



Heatmaps are used to show what parts of a website visitors interact with. The heatmap scales go from green to red where red indicates the most engagement by a user. Heatmaps can be used to improve elements that the visitor doesn't engage with.

Crazy Egg heatmap



Hotjar is a great tool to generate heatmaps and session recordings of real users on a site. They have recently added surveys to their offering, making them a differentiator in the market that offers all 3-in-1.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg promises to make your website better instantly, which raises the bar for a lot of conversion rate optimization tools in this post 😉 Their tool is used to date by 300 000 businesses all over the world, making them one of the biggest players in the heatmap tool market.

Crazy Egg

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers a wide variety of conversion tools such as session recordings, conversion funnels, heatmaps, and visitor analytics. The tool is beginner-friendly and easy to use.

Lucky orange

A/B testing

A/B testing means comparing two versions of a page version and using statistical methods to determine which version converts better. A/B testing as a feature is a staple in many website personalization tools and chatbot tools but is also a standalone product category.

The problem with most A/B testing in B2B is that you need a lot of data to make a validated decision on which version is better. Only if the changes in the version results are dramatic, can the A/B finish quickly.

VWO - Visual Website Optimizer

VWO claims to offer a wider set of tools than any in the A/B testing product category. VWO offers similar features to Crazy Egg and Lucky Orange but is more focused on A/B testing.




While offering A/B test functionality, Optimizely also offers a whole CMS and project management toos for content management. Optimizely serves B2C and B2B customers but mainly focuses on enterprise-level customers.


Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing tool for your most basic usage. It's a good tool to get started with A/B testing for a first-timer, allowing basic traffic splitting functionality. There is an advanced version of Google Optimize, their 360 version, which is also an enterprise-level product.


Social proof


Useproof offers a tool to increase conversions by showing other visitors how many other visitors are currently signing up and buying your service. This creates a psychological phenomenon called social proof in which a product seems more trustworthy if other people are buying and using it.



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