Discover the actual customer segments visiting your site

Do you know the different audiences on your website visitors?

We do, and we'll help you create personalized content for each one to maximize conversion rates and engagement.


Simple segmentation for powerful personalizations

Target customer segments with a hundreds of rules and change them on the fly when you want to.

Check out our constantly updating catalog of segment rules.

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Reach the right audience for your different value propositions

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Browse Recommended Segments to find the hidden gems for personalization

We analyze your traffic and how it converts combined with deal data from your CRM to create Recommended Segments so you can focus on creating the best personalized content for underperforming segments that have to most potential.



Get to the bottom of what segments visit your website

Creating good personalizations starts from creating the right segments.

Get the full breakdown of your website visitors and who you should create targeted personalizations for based on traffic and conversion numbers.

Audience insights


Create segments based on firmographic data and trash your industry pages

We use reverse IP lookup to identify company visitors on the site while giving you access to powerful firmographic data such as company size (revenue and employees) and industry.

You can now get rid of the different industry pages on your website and gain more leads by showing the most relevant content right on the homepage before the visitor has the chance to bounce. 


Boost segmentation with data from your CRM

Want to personalize your website for target accounts in your CRM?

Or do you want to help decrease the time deals spend in different stages of the pipeline?

Your CRM