Data attributes for personalization

To personalize content, you need data to segment your traffic. Data can come from us, from 3rd party data providers, your CRM, or the visitor. In ABM campaigns, you can upload any data via a CSV.


Identify anonymous companies on the website and personalize experiences based on size and industry to create the most relevant value propositions.


  • Revenue range1
  • Employee range1
  • Industry1
  • Technologies used1
  • Year founded1
  • Web technologies2

1) Available in premium subscription only

2) Abmatic AI proprietary data when domain is known

Your CRM
Your CRM

Use any data you have stored in your CRM to create complex personalization. Nurture leads when they reach different steps in your pipeline.

Deal data:

  • Pipeline stage
  • Amount
  • Contact person

Company data:

  • Name
  • Size
  • Industry
  • Customer status

Person data:

  • Job title
  • Name

+ Any other data point

identify company leads

Create personalizations based on visitor interest and behavior after they have read your content. Best for products with multiple use cases.


  • Number of pages visited
  • Total amount of time on website
  • Page URL visited
  • Number of sessions
Marketing Campaign
Marketing campaign

Use marketing campaign data to align your landing pages and campaign keywords. And your homepage if a visitor doesn't convert right away.


  • UTM parameters
  • Custom URL variable

Localize your content such as customer logos, case studies, and testimonials by geolocation to create a sense of home.


  • Country
  • State/Region
  • City
  • Continent (coming up)

Create translations of your content by language or swap out spelling forms to localize content.


  • Preferred browser language

(coming up)

Personalize content based on whether a visitor is using Mac or Windows, or if they're on a mobile device.


  • Browser version
  • Device type (desktop, tablet, mobile)


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