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8 ways explainer videos can generate leads in 2023

November 18, 2023 | Andre Oentoro

Explainer videos come to the rescue when people need to retain information from complex concepts in a short amount of time. In today’s fast-paced digital era, explainer videos aren’t only applicable for educational sectors, but also suitable for marketing purposes. Read how to make use of them to boost lead generation.

More businesses of any scale have been investing in creating explainer videos to be a part of their video marketing strategy. There are plenty of good reviews on how explainer video is able to drive more leads and impact companies’ growth positively.

However, some marketers haven’t realized the great potential of using explainer videos, which leaves them a step behind the competition. They might be wondering why are explainer videos so popular? And how are they able to generate leads?

The good thing is this article has all those questions covered. Let’s discover the different ways how explainer videos can generate leads. Before that, let’s talk about the basics of explainer video first, shall we?

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a type of video that aims to simplify complex information and deliver it to audiences through appealing visuals and compelling audio narration. An explainer video is able to attract audiences and engage them by providing the information they’re looking for.

This type of video is typically short and contains only the essential information. The format is straightforward and loaded with creativity both of which are something that people need during their rapid and hectic days to retain information.

As explainer videos are effective in engage people, more and more businesses realize the benefits of creating an explainer video as a part of their content marketing strategy. Data on explainer videos speak to their importance and effectiveness.

Explainer video statistics

  • 45% of businesses are satisfied with the result after embedding explainer videos on their landing page.
  • 55% of people surveyed stated they would plan to establish an explainer video in their future projects.
  • 94% of people surveyed stated that they would likely make a purchase after watching a video by the brand.

Next, let's take at look at how the videos can generate leads and eventually turn the leads into customers.

8 ways explainer videos can generate leads

Attract audiences with better content

In today's trend, explainer videos have a better content format compared to written text. They include pictures, illustrations, graphs, and typography to deliver information and entertain audiences simultaneously. Those aspects allow audiences to retain key points and comprehend them faster and longer.

Not stopping there, explainer videos also use narration by voice actors that only require audiences to sit and listen while enjoying the video’s visuals. In the case of promotional videos, commonly creators state a problem–solution scheme which is delivered in no more than three minutes.

Describe problems and solutions simply

It's an explainer video’s job to illustrate problems and solutions simply but still comprehensively. Imagine watching a long and monotonous video jammed with information. That kind of video will likely overwhelm audiences and make them leave without finishing the whole video.

Thanks to explainer videos there’s no more excuse for you to create boring videos. If you have a hard time creating one, you can always collaborate with an animated explainer video company to have an excellent and professional-looking video product.

They’ll design explainer videos with illustrations and motion that results in an excellent and crack-free video. Every crucial information will be stressed and pointed out using illustration so that the audience can acquire the vital knowledge effortlessly.

Publsih content suitable for all audiences

Audiences of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy explainer videos, especially for the younger generation who prefer everything to be instant. The simple and straightforward format of explainer videos make them a perfect fit for nowadays audience taste. People don’t need to spend much time acquiring information.

Moreover, if we take a look at all learning styles, explainer videos always have a way to fit their preference. Visual and auditory learners can gain information through visuals and narrations. While reading style learners can grasp messages through typography.

Help build loyal customers

Customers who have watched your video tend to come for more. This means you maintain existing customers and turn them into loyal buyers.

All you need to do is to make constant work by providing video content regularly. This doesn’t mean that your social media feed should all be videos. You can always be creative and flexible by posting other formats as well.

Just make sure to have a schedule when to upload an explainer video on your social media, websites or page to attract potential customers or maintain the relationship with the existing ones.

Challenge you to be creative

No matter whether you’re a solo enterprise or a company’s owner, you have to come up with fresh ideas whenever developing an explainer video. That’s when your creativity is all that you need.

In order to get the audience to keep following your business, you need to provide new content along the journey. There are a lot of styles for explainer videos and you always have the opportunity to explore each of them.

Establishing new themes and vibes will also help you create new content and offer a new experience to the audience.

Provide the first-hand experience

If you want to promote and expose your products or services, explainer videos can help demonstrate how to use them through animation or illustration. This way, audiences can have a first-hand experience of the video.

Providing first-hand experience can build audiences’ trust and turn them into potential buyers. They get a clear point-of-view on how the products or services will be beneficial for them.

Create shareable and embeddable content

Explainer videos come in a handy format where you can share them across the cyberspace. As there are more than four billion people using social media, you can share your explainer videos on major platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.

Not to mention that you can also embed video on your landing page. Embedding video on the landing page also helps strengthen your page SEO, so that your site is more visible on search engines. When people easily discover your site, you’ll have a higher chance to make more leads.

Go viral (potentially)

It’s an undeniable fact that video is one of the content formats most favored by audiences. This is in line with the fact that Youtube has become the second social media platform to have the most active users in the world.

In recent years, there are plenty of videos that have gone viral. Thus, your explainer video has the same opportunity to become viral too. Video can go viral easier compared to image-based or written content.

To make your video win so many hearts, you have to come up with authentic ideas. You can start by developing a concept and storyline that can engage audiences. Commonly, high-tension and emotional videos can engage audiences from the get-go.

How to create an explainer video

To create an explainer video, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the purpose and main message of the explainer video. This will help to guide the content and structure of the video.

  2. Develop a script that outlines the key points and story of the video. This should be concise and engaging, and should capture the attention of the viewer.

  3. Create a storyboard that visualizes the key scenes and transitions of the video. This can help to plan the visuals and animation of the video.

  4. Choose the animation style and visuals that will be used in the video. This can include illustrations, graphics, and other visual elements that support the story and message of the video.

  5. Record the audio for the video, either by using a professional voiceover artist or by creating a narration using text-to-speech software.

  6. Use animation and video editing software to create the explainer video, following the script and storyboard. This may involve animating the visual elements, adding sound effects, and editing the video to create a seamless and engaging final product.

  7. Preview and test the explainer video to ensure that it is effective at communicating the message and engaging the viewer.

  8. Publish the explainer video on appropriate channels, such as the company website, social media, or video sharing platforms.

By following these steps, you can create an explainer video that effectively communicates your message and engages your audience. If you don't have the internal resources to create the video, you can hire an explainer video production company that will take care of the steps 1-7 for you or together with you.


Many businesses have reported good results after utilizing explainer videos as a part of their marketing strategy. The major winning point of an explainer video is that it is able to break down complex concepts or ideas into more understandable chunks of information.

Besides, explainer videos are also able to give a whole picture of a product or service which provides them first-hand experience. They are also suitable for today’s audiences who want to learn something instantly.

The above points are some of the many reasons why explainer videos are effective to drive more leads and even turn them into customers. They are also good tools to maintain relationships to develop loyal buyers.

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