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18 best marketing podcasts in 2023

November 17, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing medium at the moment. However, with the fast increase of new shows, it's sometimes hard to find the diamonds in the rough. We reached out to our community to get you the most recommended podcasts by other marketers.

The Benjamin Boman Podcast

Are you a hands-on SaaS founder who markets? In this show Benjamin Boman interviews unique SaaS marketers and founders to uncover practical marketing strategies you can implement just from listening. In each episode, Benjamin cuts to the chase to find out what strategies work, how to do them and what mistakes to look out for with case studies and strategies from the SaaS ecosystem.

─ Benjamin Boman, The Benjamin Boman Podcast

Better Done Than Perfect

In this interview-style show, Userlist co-founder Jane Portman talks to SaaS founders and industry experts about the various aspects of running SaaS businesses – such as user onboarding, customer success, and more.

In previous seasons, they also covered topics on email automation and content marketing. Make sure to check out the detailed recaps for each episode so you can get all the key learnings.

─ Krista Melgarejo, Userlist

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing podcast is perfect for anyone interested in content marketing. The podcast's hosts, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose discuss content marketing headlines and show how to use stories to attract and engage customers. This podcast helps content marketers stay up to date with any marketing, media, and digital content news. With each episode, you'll learn that content marketing is no longer a marketing element, but rather its core.

Podcast hosts comment on the current marketing events and integrate their audience into their podcast. You can also tweet an article with the hashtag #ThisOldMarketing, and have a chance of getting your article discussed in the next episode. This Old Marketing podcast is an excellent tool for staying informed about essential content marketing topics and getting inspired on how to structure the content marketing strategy for your business.

─ Dorota Lysienia, LiveCareer

Why You Need to Simplify Your Marketing Operations

If you have questions about marketing processes that don't seem to make sense, listening to Why You Need to Simplify Your Marketing Operations will make you realize you're right in asking, "why am I even doing this?" The content focuses on the importance of simplification in marketing operations, making it the best topic, in my opinion. It also challenges companies to drop all unnecessary marketing practices and prioritize those that truly matter to the customers.

In the podcast, Colton Slauson, Watermark's Marketing Operations Manager, believes that before implementing a marketing strategy, consider how it impacts your customers. See if it simplifies their lives or complicates the situation even further. If your marketing approach is highly sophisticated that it forgets to deliver your customers' needs, then you have to take time and listen to Why You Need to Simplify Your Marketing Operations.

─ Jake Smith, Absolute Reg

Marketing School

The Marketing School podcast is equal parts entertaining and knowledgeable. They publish daily content of short episodes not over six minutes so that it is straightforward and digestible. This ensures that their content is always fresh and timely.

Hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu tackle all kinds of marketing topics, spanning from marketing FAQs to the latest industry trends. It’s one way I stay updated on what’s new in the marketing world. I like listening to this podcast as I get ready for work so that I’ll bring fresh ideas with me to the table.

─ Jason White, All About Gardening

The Smart Marketer

The Smart Marketer is a gold mine because of its veteran marketer hosts Molly Pittman, John Grimshaw, and Ezra Firestone. They are successful marketers and business innovators in their respective capacities and they pour a lot of wisdom into the discussions as they expound on how they each attained success.

The podcast title can be quite a bold claim, but it really delivers content that is at par with that expectation. Each episode is very thought-provoking and enriching. I would say that the podcast better suits mid-level marketers and upwards because the episodes can get somewhat technical as the discussions probe topics deeper.

─ Brogan Renshaw, Modelers Central

Social Pros

Social Pros is a podcast in the form of interviews with experts of social media. The hosts of this podcast are Adam Brown and Jay who are talking about the effective strategies for social media that are actionable and in detail. In addition to this, they also talked about some topics in broader terms like how a brand can create and utilize a strategy for social media that really works. Additionally you can easily get this podcast at Apple, YouTube, Spotify, Website, and Stitchery.

─ Joe Bowab, Lobster Anywhere

Perpetual Traffic

Hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam, Perpetual Traffic is a marketing podcast that covers the ins and outs of acquiring leads and driving sales through paid traffic. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, their content revolves around the many different branches of digital marketing. Beyond the basics of Facebook ads and SEO, their episodes also contain a crash course in optimizing campaigns for social media and a step-by-step method for ethically stealing Youtube traffic.

It's published twice weekly and there are over 300 episodes to date. Needless to say, there's plenty of content to sink your teeth into. You'll virtually never run out of unique insights, real-life experiences, and actionable strategies that can be applied to your business. You can check out their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or directly on their website.

Aaron Gray, NO-BS Marketplace

Business Wars

As we struggle to keep our small businesses afloat and ahead of the competition, it can be easy to start thinking that we alone are fighting the good battle. Host of Business Wars, David Brown, dismisses this notion within seconds of each and every episode of this quite compelling podcast.

While the podcast is not purely marketing focused, the goal remains the same: winning the hearts and wallets of the market. Here you will learn of how Netflix took on Blockbuster, of the ongoing war between Nike and Adidas. Be warned, this series is not for the faint-hearted, the emphasis is on the ruthlessness behind every major competition, but in a way, it's good to see the big boys get a bloody nose every now and then.

─ Colin Palfrey, JollySEO

Everyone Hates Marketers

As the head of a marketing team in the finance industry, there are lots of regulations we are beholden to that many products and services are not. This means we have to be incredibly ethical in our execution of campaigns, and it can be frustrating when newer marketers try to take shortcuts or are used to a level of "sleaze". I love the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast for this reason – it's all about ethical marketing tactics, has a great sense of humor and features guests across multiple industries. For anyone looking for entertainment and ethical strategies, this is a fun one to start with.

─ Grey Idol, altLINE Sobanco

The Marketing Mantra

Started in 2018, The Marketing Mantra podcast, by 99 Signals, shares marketing strategies and trending marketing stories.  Host, Sandeep Mallya bases his tips on tactics that have worked for him with his own blog and marketing agency named StartupCafe. The podcast also features occasional entrepreneur interviews including guests like Daniel Daines-Hutt, Matthew Woodward, and Alexandra Tachalova.

─ Jeff Goodwin, Orgain


Akimbo with Seth Godin is one of the best marketing podcasts available. In each episode, Godin covers a different topic related to marketing, offering insights and practical advice that can be applied to any business. He also interviews a variety of marketing experts, giving listeners the opportunity to hear different perspectives on the industry. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, Akimbo is sure to provide valuable insights.

─ Jim Campbell, Wizve

How I Built This

You may study growth strategies by reading marketing books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers. However, marketing podcasts have a unique appeal because they are simple to understand, have a more relaxed pace, and allow you to listen while on the road or completing other work.

In fact, 24% of the US population listens to a podcast every week. My personal favorite is How I Built This with Guy Raz. Guy Raz delves deep into the histories of some of the most well-known businesses in the world. The podcast, How I Built This tells the story of entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators, and the movements they created. While this is not strictly a marketing show, marketers can learn lessons on positioning and winning strategies when building a business from scratch.

─ Madhurima Halder, Recruit CRM

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a must-subscribe. This podcast, hosted by John Lee Dumas, is an incredible asset to anyone wanting to break in, or already deep in, the entrepreneurial world. Each weekly episode features different guests in the business, marketing, and entrepreneurship arena talking about their journey, tips, advice, and things they wished they did differently. It’s a wealth of information. They also wrap each episode up by throwing in marketing tool recommendations they’ve found helpful and why. Honestly, I wish I had access to this podcast when I was starting out because it would have given me a lot of inspiration and saved me some pitfalls.

─ Tony Staehelin, Benable

Conversion Cast


Conversion Cast is hosted by Tim Paige and covers a wide range of digital marketing topics. The goal of this podcast is to help marketers get real-world, measurable results from their work so that they can grow their businesses and increase revenue. Tim goes over real-life case studies in each episode and breaks down how to use those same marketing tactics to gain success.

─ John Cammidge, JTC Consultants

I Love Marketing

I find I Love Marketing and especially the episode on The Power of Influence and Persuasion podcast with psychology professor Robert Cialdini, called the godfather of influence, really inspiring, impactful, and useful in marketing practice. Cialdini promotes ethical persuasion and provides some fascinating case studies to illustrate how his techniques work.

─ Agata Szczepanek, Resume Now

Duct Tape Marketing

I knew Duct Tape Marketing was going

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