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4 inspirational marketing ideas you can copy today

November 17, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

If you're looking for inspiration to spice up your marketing, look no further. We collected and published the best marketing inspiration ideas in this one large swipe file for everyone to use.

We keep updating this post with the best of the best so come back regularly to check it out.

Personalized weekend demo request from Gong

This one came from an SDR from Gong when I requested their product demo on a Saturday.

Gong demo request

Creating copy like this is a low-hanging fruit to exceed the customer's expectations when booking a demo and create customer delight.

Why it pierced the noise: The email response is well personalized to include a mention that the demo request happened during the weekend, which is rare in B2B sales. It is also funny and shows a good understanding of culture and how people typically spend their weekends: watching hours and hours of Netflix.

Post demo request thank-you page video from Wistia

This thank-you page that Wistia shows after a request for a product demo has been submitted includes an amazing video highlighting Wistias main product features and people. Because Wistia is a video marketing platform, showing their own product on the thank-you page makes the experience even more powerful (although I pity the marketer that used page views on that page as a conversion event since it has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people by now).

Why it pierced the noise: It's extremely funny and personal, and it plays off of a pop culture movie reference about a team sport, making the analogy that running a business is much like a team sport. The video also answers the question "what happens inside a company after a demo request has been submitted?"

Shareable blog contents from Medium

This idea was swiped from Medium which has social share popups in their content wherever you highlight text. A social share functionality like this can potentially multiply your blog content's social shares.

Medium highlight

Why it pierced the noise: Any text on Medium is instantly shareable and people tend to highlight text when they read so the popup is almost immediately visible when a visitor starts reading a post.

Shareable blog highlights from Markettailor

Repurposed from Medium's social share button, we created our own version of social share buttons that can be embedded directly into blog content next to key highlights of a blog post. Compared to the Medium social share button, this one allows us to re-word the main ideas of our blog post into a more shareable format. Here's what it looks like:

Check out Markettailor's Public Swipe File for marketing and sales inspiration!

We use Hubspot at AbmaticAiso we created a bit of javascript code that attaches to the <blockquote> element on a blog post. When a reader clicks on the element, a piece of javascript code runs that uses the Twitter Intent API to automatically create a tweet with the contents of the highlight, a link to the original article, and a relevant hashtag.

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