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How to personalize content by marketing channel

December 8, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

Channel misalignment is one of the biggest reasons for failed marketing campaigns. It means that the marketing campaign on a specific channel uses a different tone than what the company typically has on its main website. It's typical to drive visitors from a campaign to a landing page, but what happens if they don't convert right away? Using campaign personalization allows you to remember where your visitors entered your campaign. This allows you to create personalized content that goes beyond the landing page when they return to your site or navigate elsewhere.

When to use this Playbook

You can use this Playbook if you're marketing in multiple different channels and you want to capture the spirit of that channel on your site as well. For example, readers from Hacker News respond to much techier content than readers from LinkedIn or Quora who might appreciate a more businessy tone. Moreover, content personalization even helps in acquiring more backlinks as personalized content suits the target audience better.

How to personalize


You can greet visitors from different channels by their preferred name, for example, you would call visitors from Reddit "Redditors", etc. It's a good way to show that you know your audience.

Tone and content

Different channels have a different tone of voice that has been set over the years as the channel has developed. Study the tone of the channel and see if they use specific jargon or memes to capture the tone just right.

Given the demographics of Facebook today, using a tone of voice that is more geared towards older generations might be more suitable compared to the younger tone of voice for visitors coming from campaigns on Tik Tok or Snapchat.

Images and video

If the visitor is coming from a channel such as Instagram or Pinterest - which are very image-heavy social media - it might make sense to use more images on your site to entice the visitor.

If a visitor is coming from Youtube or Snapchat, using more explainer video content might be preferable to the audience.

How to create this segment

UTM parameters in links

When creating marketing campaigns, you often want to measure the attribution of different campaigns to understand what works and what doesn't. This is why marketers use UTM parameters that can be later parsed in analytics. You can use Google's Campaign URL Builder to create your links with UTM parameters.

UTM parameters in segmentation

  • UTM source is any ─ then as part of your URL structure, include a UTM parameter, for example:
  • UTM medium is any ─ then as part of your URL structure, include a UTM parameter, for example: 
  • Using both source and medium ─ For example:

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