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11 best tools for account-based marketing

June 14, 2024 | Andre Oentoro

Thanks to the advent of technology, B2B marketers can perform way better approaches to generate high ROI. The invention of account-based marketing (ABM) enables them to meet prospects and customers in a more comfortable manner.

Account-based marketing (ABM) tools are familiar to modern marketers as 86% of them state that ABM tools help them win more clients compared to traditional methods. Moreover, 76% of B2B marketers report higher ROI and help improve customer lifetime value.

Discover the benefits and recommendations of the best tools for account-based marketing in the following discussions. Let’s dig in more!

What are account-based marketing tools?

Account-based marketing is already common for B2B marketers, especially in today's digitized world. It’s a marketing strategy that is structured and aimed to reach suitable and high-value accounts that have a higher chance of becoming paying customers.

As this strategy focuses more on valuable audiences, B2B marketers can work more efficiently and effectively by dismissing bad leads. They can build more personalized offers, campaigns, and advertisements for high-value audiences

You can tell a marketing strategy is account-based with some characteristics below:

  • Focus more on high-value accounts
  • Create personalized content and campaign
  • Profile customers accurately
  • Data-driven prospecting
  • Adjust sales and marketing activities
  • Automated processes
  • Integrate traditional inbound marketing
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Best tools for account-based marketing

To support your account-based marketing strategy, you need to equip yourself with software or online tools. For example, for you to reach high-value accounts and deliver personalized content to them, utilizing certain marketing tools is necessary.

Online marketing tools enable B2B marketers to get the job done effectively. You can find many software and platforms for account-based marketing, but below we’ve listed some of the most well-known that have received good reviews online.

Abmatic AI

Abmatic Ai allows marketers to create a world-class ABM program that includes website personalization as a core. Any potential customer is bound to search for more information of your business from your website, so don't miss the opportunity to tailor their experience.

You can catch target accounts' attention using the AbmaticAiInbound personalization by tailoring the website for 1:1 or 1:many. When the visitor on your site is identified as one in your ABM program, the website content dynamically changes to the version tailored for them.

You can also use the Abmatic Ai Outbound personalization to include personalized links in your newsletters, other email campaigns, or even LinkedIn campaigns that lead to a personalized landing page. You can clearly communicate your value proposition to key accounts and even individual decision-makers in your buyer group. On average, personalized landing pages convert nearly 200% better.

Price: starting at $500 / month


Terminus is a famous ABM tool among B2B marketers. It’s a complete platform that supports your targeted prospecting and delivering campaigns in multiple channels. The platform also allows you to align sales and marketing funnels.

You’ll notice that Terminus carries the acronym T.E.A.M which describes its four main features which are; target, engage, activate, and measure. Moreover, you can leverage the platform easily as it employs intuitive features.

Price: upon request


Demandbase is another well-known software for supporting your account-based marketing strategy. It has top-notch features to analyze and evaluate your target market. The platform also uses CRM data to build account audiences.

The key features of Demandbase include target audience profiling, marketing analytics, centralized command and control, and real-time intent. Moreover, it can segment accounts based on firmographics and select them through AI-powered features.

Price: upon request


Considering the high price it sets, RollWorks is worth investing in for B2B companies. The platforms help you manage paid advertising campaigns and identify high-value prospects. It also supports you to improve engagement and measuring results with its analytics and reporting features.

RollWorks is famous for its accuracy in audience matching. Its key features include identifying ideal customer profiles, account scoring, account suggestions, and account intent. All the keywords support you in reaching accounts that are most likely to close.

Price: starts from $975 per month


6Sense allows B2B marketers to have an integrated funnel with sales and operation teams. They can identify and collect insight on suitable accounts. Moreover, the platform helps marketers to analyze challenges and find the best methods to get the desired impact immediately.

In addition, 6Sense enables you to build a prioritized strategy and engage customers according to their interests. Its AI-powered features help you make personalized and relevant content for prospects and customers.

Price: starts from $2,500


Vainu is one of the best options if you focus on escalating the conversion rates of your marketing strategy. It helps you focus on creating personalized interaction with accounts to engage better and drive them to be paying customers.

The platform allows you to see those that make interactions with your content and find out the reasons behind it. Moreover, Vainu can find potential accounts, including the best time to reach them, and send offers to get their attention. It also has ROI analytics to see your marketing progress and performance.

Price: starts from $6,402 per year


HubSpot ABM tool comes as a package with Marketing Hub Professional and Sales Hub Professional solutions. Utilizing the three helps you build a robust integrated marketing and sales funnel with excellent personalization features.

Some of the winning features of HubSpot account-based marketing tools include prospecting, prospect scoring, recommendations, content personalization, CRM, and analytic tools. In addition, it has great capabilities for automating and managing inbound marketing campaigns.

Price: $9,600 per year


For smaller businesses, Leadiro is worth investing in to level up your marketing effort. The prospecting feature allows you to access +59 million business contacts to identify. You can continue to reach and engage ideal B2B prospects effectively using its built-in features.

Leadiro may not be the most up-to-date platform, but its main features are more than enough to serve businesses on a smaller scale. Other features you can try are data validation, advanced data selections, geographical targeting, and ABM campaigns and technographics.

Price: $99 per month


Another best recommendation for ABM tools is Tribilio. It’s popular for flexible and complete features to support your marketing strategy, especially for medium-sized businesses. Tribilio even provides features to personalize a web, customize CTAs, and build dynamic email campaigns.

One of the key features of Tribilio is AI prospecting which allows B2B marketers to identify accounts more accurately. Moreover, other winning features include sales and marketing alignment, multichannel campaigns, audience management, web personalization, and purchase intent.

Price: customizable pricing

AdDaptive Intelligence

Among marketers, AdDaptive Intelligence is renowned for prospecting. The platform has excellent B2B targeting features that use precise firmographics, including company name, industry, revenue, and employee size.

Moreover, other major key features of AdDaptive Intelligence are segment builder, verified data, audience analytics, and advertising analytics. Many big brands utilize AdDaptive Intelligence software to support their marketing funnels, such as Deloitte, Intel, and HP.

Price: upon request

Madison Logic

The last recommendation you should consider is Madison Logic. It’s proven by many as one of the best ABM tools for B2B marketers. As an award-winning platform, Madison Logic is capable of garnering high-quality data from third-party sources.

Madison Logic uses firmographic, technographic, and demographic information to identify prospects more accurately. B2B marketers can continue to target prospects with ads and automate marketing tasks to convert them quickly.

To complete this list, I must add that one of the most important tools for account based marketing is of course the Linkedin Sales Navigator. You can easily create prospecting lists and export them to use in these or other tools.

Price: customizable pricing

Benefits of account-based marketing tools

Utilizing ABM tools or software is always worth splurging some money in. Some may think that leveraging one of the above options is somehow costly.

However, considering the benefits you take by accurately approaching target customers and structuring a robust strategy, high cost shouldn’t be a problem. To sum up, here are the main benefits of adjusting an ABM tool into your marketing funnel.

Reach prospects accurately

An ABM tool allows you to reach prospects accurately, leaving low-value contact behind. It helps B2B marketers sort contacts better by reaching highly paying customers. This way, marketers can effectively allocate their time to highly converting contacts.

Establish a better customer experience

One of the perks of utilizing ABM tools is that it allows B2B marketers to personalize their campaigns according to contacts' preferences and interests. Approaching target customers by creating relevant content helps marketers provide a better customer experience.

Create an integrated funnel

Nearly all ABM tools have features to integrate sales and marketing teams, leading to up-to-date and effective communication. The teamwork of sales and marketing teams defines the success of winning prospects.

Build loyal buyers

ABM tools focus more on quality over quantity in terms of garnering accounts. Focusing to approach high-value accounts can bring more benefits as you are more likely to close deals.

Personalized and consistent offers and campaigns also help B2B marketers build relevant and delightful customer experiences. With more loyal customers over time, you can expand your business faster.

Measure and analyze ROI

ROI analysis feature is a must built-in in every ABM tool. It allows you to discover the time and resource estimation that you have invested in accounts.

You can see the accounts that take part to give you high ROI and focus on serving them more. Moreover, accurate measurement and analysis help you make the best decision for your marketing effort.

Improve productivity

Above all, leveraging ABM tools help marketers improve their productivity. Nearly all tools have automation features that allow users to eliminate repetitive work. They can get more tasks done while maintaining engagement with prospects and customers.


Considering the great benefits B2B marketers can get, integrating an account-based management tool into your marketing funnel is undoubtedly worth investing in. Splurging a big budget shouldn’t be stopping you from choosing and making use of an account-based marketing tool. As ABM is generally only for B2B, if you work in a crypto startup or an eCommerce business, ABM tools are not really for you.

If you’re a business owner or B2B marketer, you should be well aware that having a well-managed and structured marketing funnel is crucial. Without an automated and tech-driven environment, your business won’t be able to catch up with competitors and thrive in the global market.

The above list of the best tools for account-based marketing comes in handy if you plan to integrate one. You may see more options available, but the ones that made it to our list have generated positive feedback for fellow B2B marketers, even big companies.

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