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15 best marketing communities in 2023

November 17, 2023 | Jimit Mehta

Joining a marketing community is one of the best things marketers can do to boost their career, gain visibility for their business, and establish themselves as experts in marketing. We asked our marketer community what are the best marketing communities out there people can join and here's what they came up with.
Here are the 15 best marketing communities in 2022:

  • Social Media Today
  • r/content_marketing
  • Superpath
  • Traffic Think Tank
  • SEO Signals Lab
  • The Content Marketing Lounge
  • Growthhackers Community
  • White Hat & Black Hat
  • Cult of Copy
  • Online Geniuses
  • r/marketing
  • Indie Hackers
  • Women in Tech SEO
  • On Startups

Social Media Today

Social Media Today on LinkedIn is by far the most engaged and professional marketing community available. There are a number of ways to utilize this platform and it depends on your professional goals. If you’re going for thought-leadership, networking, or just seeking advice, this is one way to accomplish it.

I enjoy the global business perspectives in the group and the ability to find international talent. Also, working in market research, it’s nice to have help in this area for quicker adjustments to our content mix on social media.

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Jerry Han, PrizeRebel


r/content_marketing is one of my favorite marketing communities on Reddit, which allows content marketers to share advice, give feedback, and connect with fellow marketers. This community is great for individuals who want to navigate customer discovery, keyword optimization, and social media marketing more effectively. It has a weekly newsletter and monthly Q&A live sessions that provide more engaging and interactive venues for members to expand their knowledge and skills in content marketing.

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Nunzio Ross, Majesty Coffee


This is one of my go-to marketing communities I've found. The community is super active, and everyone is very friendly and supportive. My favourite part is the knowledge-sharing — everyone is willing to share resources and tips and tricks that have they've found useful. I can ask any questions or for advice and get really valuable feedback from peers and industry leaders. Their salary guide is worth checking out. I'm not affiliated, but a fan!

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Elisa Cerquozzi, ContentLab

Traffic Think Tank

The Traffic Think Tank community is one of the best resources that any SEO professional can have when it comes to upgrading your skillset. This community is abundant with tips, insights, and opportunities. It is a platform curated specifically for building and improving your SEO empire.

TTT is great for newcomers in the SEO industry looking to build their network because its community is composed of brilliant entrepreneurs, SEO marketers, agency owners, and freelancers, among many others. For those who are SEO veterans and seven-figure professionals already, there is a lot to glean from the diverse and unique perspective that this community offers. TTT moderators really know how to usher their members into leveling up.

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Brogan Renshaw, Modelers Central

SEO Signals Lab

It's the best Facebook group about SEO and everything marketing related. There are a lot of experienced people who are willing to help you with anything you will ask.

I am part of this group for more than 4 years and I really love the real-life examples and case studies posted there.

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Ilija Sekulov, Mailbutler

The Content Marketing Lounge

Nathan Collier's Content Marketing Lounge on Facebook is the best marketing community.

Not only is Nathan an expert in marketing and very generous with his advice, but the community members are also knowledgeable. It's an active community and there's always someone willing to offer feedback or answer questions. The overall tone is very professional, and the group lacks the ego and drama you find in many other communities.

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Devin Schumacher, SERP

GrowthHackers Community

GrowthHackers is one of those marketing communities that I'm thankful to be part of. This group aims to address the lack of information, resource shortage, and reduced learning opportunities for the increasing number of growth hackers. Its innovative approach to marketing helps startups build actionable goals through experimentation, allowing them to naturally grow and create a name in the market. More importantly, all group members are helping each other by establishing a sense of community while encouraging everyone to contribute unique and valuable ideas.

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Allan Stolc,

White Hat & Black Hat

This is a discord server with more than 8,000 members that communes to share ideas and tips about digital marketing. Within the server are more than 10 channels centered towards SEO and other know-hows for online marketing. Being a member, you can send a link to your website and ask others to view it for feedback.

The server is purely for helping each other reach their marketing goals through the exchange of ideas. It is not for promotion or obvious advertisements.

Some members in the community are also quite generous. Themes for Shopify stores, trade secrets and even tips for web design are shared here for free!

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Debbie Meeuws 

I am a part of a lot of different marketing slacks, but is definitely the best one that I am a part of to build authority. The community is incredibly engaged and always willing to help each other out, whether it's offering advice on a campaign or just sharing industry news.

There is a great mix of experienced marketers and newcomers, so there is always something new to learn. In addition, the moderators are very active and do a great job of keeping the conversations relevant and on-topic.

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Jim Campbell, Wizve

Cult of Copy

Cult of Copy is a Facebook community that focuses on digital marketing and copywriting. It was one of the first marketing communities to pop up on social media, and it's one of the most useful groups for those who are interested in learning about copywriting. I enjoy Cult of Copy because of the people that make the group; there are so many popular and not-so-popular marketers who share great advice and provoke interesting discussions on a daily basis. As one of the OG groups on Facebook, Cult of Copy is still one of the best marketing communities.

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Ian Kelly

Online Geniuses 

I joined the Online Geniuses Slack channel a few months ago and I love it! It's a community of over 40,000 marketers with a channel for just about every segment of marketing you can imagine.

Plus, the people in the community are super helpful and always willing to answer questions. One of my favorite parts are the Q&A sessions where marketing experts will answer questions from members of the community. In the past they've had: Will Cady, Head of Brand Strategy for Reddit, Paul Greenberg, the former CEO of College Humor, and Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications at SEMrush, to name a few! It's a great place to learn and connect with other knowledgeable marketers.

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Brandon Schroth, Reporter Outreach


The best marketing community I'm a part of is the r/marketing subreddit. It's a great place to get advice, insights, and tips from other marketing professionals. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience to be found in the subreddit, and it's a great resource for anyone looking to improve their marketing skills.

If you're marketing something online, there's a good chance you'll find a helpful community of people to support you. I've learned a lot from this community, and it's been an excellent resource for me when I need advice or want to learn more about marketing. There's always someone willing to help out, and the wealth of knowledge available here is impressive. Whether you're just starting or looking to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

I've learned a lot from this community, and it's been an excellent resource for me when I need advice or want to learn more about marketing.

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Lukasz Zelezny, SEO ANT LTD

Indie Hackers

If you want to connect with SaaS marketing experts with years of industry experience, Indie Hackers is the perfect place for you. You can communicate with members who are growth marketers, SaaS founders, and big-time executives willing to share their best tips and insights on SaaS marketing. You can also seek advice on the best pricing benchmarks, funnel analytics, and copywriting tools essential for your business. The fact that Indie Hackers is a free platform with active member engagement makes it an even better community to explore.

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Adam Garcia, The Stock Dork

Women in Tech SEO

If you want to continuously learn how to maximize SEO as a marketing strategy, you will have a good time in Women in Tech SEO (WTS). You can be always in the loop for SEO techniques and digital marketing tactics by being in the WTS Slack and Facebook group.

What’s great about WTS is that they help all members to learn about the nitty-gritty of SEO no matter their ability level, career stage, or skills. Read the blog posts, listen to the podcasts and virtual interviews with the established digital marketers in the industry. It’s free, rich in resources, and has a supportive community, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s willing to learn.

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Franceen San Andres, CocoLoan

On Startups

I’m a member of different marketing groups on LinkedIn. I learn amazing marketing strategies at On Startups - The Community For Entrepreneurs. This LinkedIn group is the largest entrepreneurial startup community on the platform with close to 1 million members. We discuss and share ideas, insights, and experience in marketing, sales, hiring, operations, and other small business or startup-related topics.

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James Parsons, Content Powered

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