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12 marketing tactics you can implement to drive growth

November 18, 2023 | Tom Siani

A/B testing, blog posts, data-driven email marketing, SEO articles, innovative ads, and technical analysis of every part of a user's experience are just a few of the layers that are added to the conventional marketing paradigm. Check out if you're already utilizing these marketing tactics.

These tactics are easily put into practice to create a strong base for your marketing and long-term growth.

Content promotion

You may develop a lead-generating content marketing plan by using blog posts, ebooks, online courses, videos, and other material that informs, teaches and interests your audience.

This showcases your subject matter expertise, validates your company, fosters audience trust, and drives traffic to your business website, where you can convert visitors into leads and potential customers.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective type of digital marketing that takes advantage of well-known social media apps/sites to meet your branding and marketing objectives.

You can use social media platformsto drive significant growth on a limited budget even if you're just starting to build your audience.

You may use a growth hacking approach to expand your company's revenue or draw people to your app, but you can also use it to quickly expand your social media following.

Whether you like it or not, social media business accounts are now one of the most important ways to drive growth. As a result, almost all big and small businesses are taking advantage of them to boost their marketing strategies.

Influencers marketing

Another excellent approach for the referral stage is influencer marketing. Make connections with well-known influencers across social media platforms in your sector to work together and use their audiences to increase sign-ups and conversions.

Influencer marketing on social media is now considered one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness. So if you want to grow your business and build an online identity, you've to think of it.

Use chatbots

One of the most crucial components of the user experience is customer care. You may improve communication with your prospects and customers by automating the sales and support process. Tools for video chat and chatbots are excellent choices for this.

Video marketing

Video content is now playing an important role in marketing. Nowadays, people, particularly internet users, don't like to read long texts to learn about something.

Videos are the best means of marketing and advertising your products. This is a great way to engage potential customers and give them a better understanding of what you are offering. If you’re not a professional videographer, there are a number of good video making software available that make it easy to create engaging videos. That's why you can see lots of video-sharing platforms out there.

For example, YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms designed to share videos.

YouTube advertising is cost-efficient and successful. Try to include it in your marketing strategies to put your products or services in the eyes of as many audiences as possible.

Utilize personalization technology

By enhancing customer loyalty, doubling conversion rates, reducing cart abandonment, and raising average purchase value, personalization technology improves customer experience.

While B2B firms may adapt their website depending on behaviors and context using technologies like Markettailor, eCommerce brands can provide a tailored shopping experience to fit customers' tastes.

Make highly personalized email campaigns

You can personalize your email campaigns—from welcome and onboarding letters to feature announcements and feedback emails—along with your website and videos to establish more meaningful engagement with your clients.

Make a community centered on your brand

By fostering a community around your area of expertise, you may add value to your target audience. For instance, the CRM company Pipedrive includes a knowledge base with practical information and a way for salespersons to interact with one another.

Conversion rate improvement

Conversion rate optimization is essential for both the acquisition and activation stages. You can detect dropoff points by building a conversion funnel based on the activities you want your visitors to complete and then finding solutions through segmentation and A/B testing.

You can eliminate guessing about your leads' and customers' preferences by using a data-driven strategy to design the optimal website, social network profiles, emails, landing pages, and other experiences.

Manage reward campaigns for your products

Making customers feel unique is crucial to retaining them. Send them exclusive discounts and offers, early access to deals, a freebie, thank you cards, or new goods that are especially suited to them to show your appreciation for your devoted consumers. Give them causes to feel cherished and more a part of your brand.

Encourage employees and create loyalty

Only as happy as your staff will your consumers be. To increase your employees' loyalty to your business, establish key corporate principles and foster a culture of freedom and pleasure.

Their emotions will manifest organically in how they interact with your clients, eventually affecting retention rates.

Create a supportive customer service team

Consider providing great customer support to respond to any questions your customers have. Try to pay attention to every complaint as it's really impactful on the customers' future purchasing decisions. This can also lead to better online customer reviews, making your brand more trustworthy.

Also, think of developing a learning hub for your product so that your customers can refer to it.

In addition, you have to think of delivering blog articles and social media material that informs your audience and generates leads.

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