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7 actionable email marketing tips when launching your first campaign

November 17, 2023 | Divya Rajendran

Don’t take email marketing lightly. It is a powerful way to reach your audience and drive sales, so you need to make sure that you’re doing it right. We’ve put together our top 7 tips for getting better returns from your email marketing campaigns.

Every email campaign is a journey, and that can make it hard to track whether your emails are going where you want them to. With this guide, you’ll learn the steps to take to ensure your messages get the attention they deserve, and how to measure their results.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing uses emails to boost sales of products or services. It is also used to incentivize customer loyalty, including programs aimed at the end customer. There would typically be an email list with the target consumers primed into it, and new product launches, seasonal discounts, and other services are brought to the consumer's attention through emails.

It is possible to have plugins for websites to take care of the email marketing campaigns. They provide the user with the added convenience that targeting is made simpler with the plugins, and the emails rest within a website and not external to it.

This brings us to the email tips for launching your first campaign.

7 actionable email marketing tips

1. Focus on delivery details

It is important to focus on the delivery details when sending out emails. By this, what is being stressed is the need to get the subject line correct, the person's email address to the mail being sent, and so on. Often people do not provide the focus on these details, and often this could mean the email reaches the wrong destination or is missing out on the target customer.

Automation in sending emails is something that a lot of people focus on. But it must be stressed that a good automation program must be invested in and proper training imparted to those using the email system to send out messages. If an email were to bounce once, the email address concerned must be removed from the mail list by the sender.

2. Use personalization in the email body

People using email campaigns must let the recipient know that the emails are all about them. This is where successful personalization of the email body comes into play. Even with automated emailing systems that most businesses use, it is possible to incorporate a fair bit of customization into the email body.

When out to purchase an automated email delivery system, it would be advisable to look to the extent of personalization that is possible with the system. This would save a lot of trouble later on and focus on sending emails that resonate with people.

Learn more how to launch effective AMB campaigns from your email using personalization.

3. Create a compelling subject line

The subject line could well be the first impression people get towards what is contained in an email. This makes it an important part of the email and probably the single reason why a recipient should click open an email.

Another aspect of the subject line that most email senders fail to notice is that in a mailbox when all emails are arranged one on top of the other, it is the subject line that catches the eye the most. Thus, there is no stressing enough the need to have a powerful subject line for your email campaign.

4. Consider adding visuals

Few people consider graphics seriously when sending out emails. Often it would be possible to bring a focus to what is being conveyed to the reader in an email with the consistent use of graphics and pictographs.

In many ways, visuals in an email add life to the body of a message. If the sender can work upon the emails to provide just the right bit of brevity, it can be a winning combination. At the same time, graphics must not make the email body too bulky. This could mean that the email might be filtered out of the inboxes when it arrives at the recipient's end. Thus, the right balance between text and graphics in the emails needs to be struck.

5. Make it mobile compatible

Today there would not be many people that do not use a smartphone. Hence it has been made possible to send and receive emails while on the move and with handsets. When using an email client, the focus must not be lost on the fact that people could be accessing the emails on their mobile devices as well.

It does not take much to have a mobile view of the email being sent out to people and be made available to the sender. This facility is available with most of the automated programs that get to send out emails regularly. There is nothing as being too cautious with this aspect of the email being sent.

6. Create a strong compelling CTA

The best email messages tend to make the person reading it take a positive action from his end. One of the most used tactics is to have a compelling CTA to take the person further into the message being conveyed. That an email campaign is being done with a firm goal to be achieved must never be out of people's minds.

Often some emails prepare someone for more focused messages that might be coming along in due course of time. Setting the right mood in signing off the email matters to most good communicators. 

7. Send emails on the right time

There can never be enough stressing the importance of getting the time to send an email just right. For instance, if people get the emails as they enter the office or when they are just about to leave the office, the chances of the email getting its due regard is minimal. Study says that the open rate of emails are high on the emails sent on the recipient’s local time.

Automation of the email marketing campaigns and tools used currently in email marketing campaigns make redundant the need to send the email at a particular time. It would be possible to program the tool to send out the emails at predetermined times and not when it has been composed. This only adds to the system's efficiency and provides a chance for email marketers to relax a bit.


Email marketing tactics for the Account-Based Marketing efforts have been automated to a large extent. But nevertheless, it is important to get the basics of sending out an email correctly from the word go. Nowadays, it is possible to program tools to take care of most parts of email marketing. But even with all the automation, the presence of the person composing the email has not been diminished or eliminated.

Today, there are integrated plugins that let the sender of the email know who has opened his email and where and a lot more details. But the essence of marketing has not changed since the first email was sent out to people some four decades ago.

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